Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trial and Error: Train Favor Labels

As I continue to try new things in the hopes of improving my party design skills, yes it's ok to admit that you can make improvements, comes what the party peeps call "party wrecks". It's a trial and error situation. I say, why fake the funk! Come out with it and admit that you aren't perfect. I certainly NEVER claim or act like I'm perfect or like I know it all. Which leads me to this post. I am currently working a small Train theme party, on a budget. I'm working on making this a Dollar store project. Which I'm very exited about! Because most of us can't afford the grand expensive event and I'd like to put something out there that's cute and inexpensive. When I started brain storming I thought "Ooooh vintage. Old style. Antiques" but things started to change gears and I realized that it wasn't very easy to pull that off with the small budget. I worked on favor labels first and worked with colors I thought were "old school". Errrrr. Wrong! The party is for a 5 yr. old and these looked like something for a baby. So here I am thinking "Why not? I'm going to show off my party wrecks", LOL. Don't judge me. Also, please note that I will NEVER give someone a party wreck. I'm my worst critic and I can't provide something to someone that I don't absolutely love. Of course you have to love it as well! Heh. Needless to say, after talking to the mama, we changed gears AND colors, now going in a different direction. Stay tuned for that!

So are they really THAT bad?? LOL They definitely didn't suite the birthday boy and I didn't have that warm fuzzy feeling when you know you've hit the nail on the head.
Oh well. On to the next trial, hopefully it's not a party wreck!


Anonymous said...

What about something with a railroad crossing sign. That has the yellow and black which are traditional colors for trains. Another good place to get ideas is Ebay. Type in train invitations and whole bunch of ideas show up. I do this a lot when I am stuck, I just type in my theme under invitations.

Good Luck