Thursday, March 8, 2012

Party Planning: Reusing Home Items

So I'm just a couple of days away from my besties baby shower and I'm so excited! I hope she loves it all. I'm also excited to use some of the items in my home that I thought would be perfect for the theme. I love to find and reuse things that I already own, even if I have to make a few changes to them. That's the fun part in my opinion! Being that the color scheme is black/white/turquoise, when I ran my foot into my sons changing table, I realized I could use it for the shower..... it's turquoise! It was originally my sisters and it was black. Well I decided to paint it, to suite the color scheme in my sons room. Now its great that I can use it for the baby shower. Buuuut, you'll have to wait for the baby shower to see it because right now it's cluttered with junk. HEHE.
However, the other item I'm using from my sons room is his lamp. With some easy tricks, so I won't ruin it (because I'm not ready to change it permanently), I covered the shade and now it's perfect for the party. Take a look!
Btw, this idea came from watching Nate Berkus. Easy, simple changes can make a huge impact. He's so right!

All I did was wrap the lamp shade with this houndstooth fabric. I attached it to the lamp using Zots (clear adhesive glue dots), that I purchased at Michaels. For fabric they stick really well and I can still remove it later. I did the same with the grosgrain ribbon that I used to line the top and bottom of the shade. That's it! Cool lamp, right?? I love it! I'm thinking of making it permanent and changing the color/pattern scheme of Nate's room.
Stay tuned to see the changing table being used for the party! :)