Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rocks & Lady Bugs: Tahlia's 9th Birthday

Only a month and half since her birthday but I finally got to post some photos. I can't say it enough.... life. is. CRAZY, right now!

Here's a little back story about her birthday: This was suppose to be a bigger party, in our backyard and a lot more people. Well, delayed construction in our home shot that dream to the moon! I decided to still try and give her the set-up we had planned, it would just have to be smaller and indoors. We literally had a hand full of people over for dinner on the day of her birthday but to make it up to her, we also took her and her friends to John's Incredible Pizza on the weekend.

Tahlia is a HUGE rock lover, she loves grabbing rocks from wherever she's at. I get the pleasure of finding them in the laundry ALL THE TIME! A favorite pass time of her and her friends, when out in the playground at school, is catching lady bugs, so we decided to incorporate the two. Things didn't go very smoothly but I managed to pull a lil' something together. Check out her Rocks and Lady Bugs dessert table!

Cake topper I made.
 The birthday girl! Her adorable shirt and red glitter head band are from the fab Tini Posh.
 I made this bracelet to go with her birthday outfit. Not bad for my first time ;)

 The girl can't live with out Takis! So I made these cones out of gift bags I purchased in the dollar section at target, to hold them.
 Another of her favorites: Fresas con crema, in push pop containers. I wrapped them with polka dot washi tape and a lady bug.
 Mini cinnamon buns on a stick. I stuck them in this rock/concrete planter.

 A last minute idea that my "intern"/friend gave me, rice krispy "rocks". I dipped them in grey chocolate melts.

Glitter wood spoons, pewter mason jar lids, balloons: Whimiscally Detailed
Push pop containers: Cute Kids Food Box
Polka dot straws and washi tape: A Pretty Little Party


Tini Posh said...

Love all the details! Super cute and original!! It really ROCKS!

Laura Aguirre said...

This is WAY cute, Jeannette!! A perfect little party for a darling little "lady" bug : )