Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On a Personal Note: A Healthy Lifestyle

Today I'm sharing a personal journey that I've been on for exactly a year (a year yesterday to be exact). It's been the focus of my life for the past year and sort of my new obsession. Like many women, I've had weight issues for many years. I wasn't ever over-weight but I always felt like I was. That was until I had my second child and became a stay-at-home mom. I didn't work out because I wasn't use to doing that before and eating right, well.....what the hell is that?? As the years past and I gained more weight, I became very unhappy with myself and my appearance. I seemed to have convinced myself that I was just suppose to look that way, because I have kids and I'm a SAHM. I tried to diet every so often but it would literally last a week and then I'd give up. Even before my hubby and I got married (after the 2 kids), I was determined to drop some weight before the wedding . I managed to drop 12 lbs but that is as far as I got. I look back at my wedding pictures and I'm bummed that I didn't try harder. I guess I wasn't fully ready to commit. Things didn't get much better because I ended up pregnant again shortly after we married and my son was born 3 days before our 1yr wedding anniversary. I went full force with that pregnancy too! I ate like 2 cows! And I had always said, "Omg I'll die if ever get to 200 lbs!!", well during my pregnancy I topped 205lbs. Ugh. Just remembering makes me want to vomit! Sadly, I really only gained about 25 lbs, because I was weighing 191 before I got pregnant. (Can't believe I'm sharing these numbers! AHH!) Ok, so anyways, things pretty much stayed the same for the next couple of years. I was bouncing around 191 to 185 but in the end or rather the beginning of my journey, I was 191 lbs. My head had been stewing about this weight for so long and I would get so inspired by a couple of friends of mine/fellow mommy's, that seem to be so active and have healthier lifestyles. I'd quietly see their post on FB and think, "They have kids too. How come they can do it and I can't??". I didn't realize at the time that it wasn't that I "couldn't", it was that I "wouldn't". The turning point for me was a bachelorette party in Vegas for a good friend of mine. A weekend without kids and the hubs.... HELL YES! I was so excited! Unfortunately, my trip didn't feel as exciting as I had hoped. I was disgusted with how I felt out there. Dressing up, walking around in heels, trying to look "cute". I was putting on a 2X dress, my kankles were killing me from being in heels and "cute", I did not feel. One of my girlfriends on the trip shared how she had lost weight, her lifestyle changes and all the while having 3 kids and a husband. Oh and working full-time as well. I was seriously impressed. That following week, my oldest daughter woke me up and made me get out of bed so that we could workout together. I had purchased the Insanity workout DVD's a few weeks back but hadn't actually opened them but that morning my daughter made me do it! That was a year ago and I've lost 46 lbs so far. YAY! I started with short term goals, like dropping 40lbs and I reached that goal 5 months ago. I pushed my goal to another 10lbs and since the last 10 lbs are the hardest, those aren't shedding to easily. Got 6 down but still pushing those 4. I'm not going to say it was easy but I'm still in it. I have a lot more to go. Not just losing weight but I'm determined on toning and building strength. I had some awesome support from friends and then some that didn't understand why I started this. I've been told a few times that I seem happier and just different. That makes me happy!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've already seen some of this journey. Most of my pictures below are from my IG. Check out my process in photos....

 People have said that I didn't look that over-weight before.....I beg to differ! WOW!!

 Even on my wedding, I didn't feel great.
 I started working with Insanity. I got more active outdoors as well. Running on the beach, hiking, yoga and even weights.
 I had a little supporter throughout this process. I've had injuries and times when I fell flat on the ground. Sweated like a motha****!

 A very important part of this was changing my eating habits. I changed it ALL! I actually LOVE this food now. I've got the children eating this stuff right along with me. They still get their starches here and there.
 Snacks changed as well.
 I love making juices and I had to throw in some protein shakes for my heavy workouts. Recently started the Herbalife shakes and I just LOVE them!! Even have a meal replacement shake for when I'm in a hurry.

 Don't get me wrong, I still do take-out but my choices are very different now. Panera has become my FAVORITE place to grab lunch when I'm out and about. The salmon burger at Stacked is also my obsession! You can still eat out, you just have to make the smart choices.

 I recently cleaned out my closet and got rid of everything that no longer fit me. I was left with this^. Time to shop!! :)
 Here's some of my progress....
 I don't want to lie, so I'm confessing that last weeks photo ^ I photoshopped the stretch marks off. HEHE! Don't nobody need to see those! >;)
Below: I recently started running and ran my first 5K at the Electric Run in Carson, Ca. It was a fun event and I was so happy to have finished it, feeling very accomplished. I also started CrossFit! YIKES! I've taken it very slow because I already had prior injuries but I really like it. The muscle I'm building is an amazing feeling.

 My birthday was on July 15th and I felt awesome!
 I went BACK to Vegas this past April with the hubs and friends. I can't even tell you how much better this time around felt. Shopping for the trip was fun too! ;)

At the start of my journey I was 191lbs. Size 16 pants and a 1X (sometimes 2X) in tops or dresses.
I now weigh 145lbs! I'm a size 10 in pants and wear a Medium in tops. Excuse me, I have to go do a happy dance now!!! :)
Thank you for reading this long post about my fat girl problems. I hope it inspires someone else to set goals for themselves. I can't say enough thank you's to the mama's that inspired me and supported this journey. It's amazing how your outlook on life and so many other things change when you have a healthier mind and body.


Blanca Galore said...
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Evette Villanueva said...

I am extremely proud of you, cousin!!! I absolutely love the "new" you! I love your happiness and confidence; it makes you even more beautiful!

Blanca F. said...

What an amazing journey CONGRATULATIONS you look amazing!!! Now pass some of those healthy recipes lol so I can start eating healthier too ;)

DeAnna Madero said...

You look fabulous and you've motivate me to finally get off my ass and lose some weight...Keep it up and keep inspiring the gorditas like me xoxo D

Karina said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments! Where do you get your recipes & meal ideas?

Laura { Eye Candy Event Details} said...

girl I am so proud of you - you look so so sooooo amazing & I KNOW how you feel too. I myself have been battling for YEARS & it sucks. Have tried everything. I am in the middle of getting it back - going slooooow but trying & that's all I can do is try! Keep moving forward - lol. I so enjoy your updates and the fact that you are keeping it real - takes alot of guts but you got 'em girl! ;) Keep it up & know I am cheering you on my friend! xoxo

Tini Posh said...

It is sooo great you have all these photos of your journey! You can see how far you have come! Keep it up girl! Your story inspires me and many of us!!

Brittany Schwaigert said...

You look amazing lady!!