Monday, November 3, 2014

What do you want for Christmas??

We all ask the question, "What do you want for Christmas?" quite a few times during the holiday season. I know I ask this at LEAST a million times. It's also part of the stress I endure during the holidays. When my girls were younger it was so much easier, because they had the list tattooed in their brain. Now that they are older, its torture on both ends to get answers out of them. No REALLY. TORTURE! So I came up with an idea while I was happily pinning this morning.

Everybody is on Pinterest these days, even kids, well mostly teens. My 15 yr old daughter has a Pinterest account. She pins hair styles, nail art and fashion of course. Many of us have created our own "Gift Ideas" boards but I thought, why not have a pin board where we could all pin stuff they wanted for Christmas. With the Pinterest feature that allows you to invite others to pin to one of your boards, it seemed like a great idea. This is definitely something that works best for the teens in your life. We can obviously pin for the little ones that don't know the joys of Pinterest yet.

I also included my sister to my board, so she could see what her nieces and nephews are wanting this year. She can also pin for her son and I can avoid the lame convo we have yearly, that goes like…."What should I get Daniel?", (my sister) "I don't know!". So NOT helpful! My husband actually loved the idea and said he would get a Pinterest account just to see the board. He also says I should pin my own wish list, ya know, so he actually KNOWS what to get me! HA!

I think this is going to be our yearly board and will help lessen some of the stress that the holidays always bring. It's also perfect for those out-of-state family members. You can take a peek at my families board below….