Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nate's 7th Birthday: The Joker

If you've been a long time follower, you know that my son doesn't always want the most popular birthday party themes. He's a trend setter! Haha! Always ahead of the trends that kid. So for his 7th birthday party I wasn't surprised at his theme choice. This kid is afraid of his own shadow but for some reason, his interest are on the creepy side. I should probably be concerned but eh, I'll deal with that later! Any ways, he chose The Joker this time around. If you are a comic book buff or into these kind of characters, you know that there are different variations of the Joker. Of course my son wanted the more scarier of them, the Arkham Asylum Joker. He's so creepy!
Well, I decided to give my son what he wanted and since I too am a little off, I went with an asylum take on it. Proceed with caution and Welcome to the MADHOUSE!!

Fun centerpieces using Joker theme deck of cards, number 7 cutouts and a Joker smile of course.

My dessert table is SICK!! Continue on and you'll see how sick. Ha!

I made a head cage. Don't judge me.

It's a little unorthodox but if you're going to do something true to the theme and yourself, you gotta do it. That is why we had plastic syringes filled with jello. NO vodka of course! White cotton candy in biohazard bags seemed great too. The kids LOVED them and parents were disappointed that there wasn't any vodka in them! LOL.

Candy meds? Why not? I'm already going there! 

This cake is so perfect it's SCARY!! Silvia's Cake Creations keeps blowing my mind and that's why I keep going back to her! I added the Joker topper, which I purchased on Amazon. It's actually a plastic money back.

No one could create cookies for this theme better than Bethany at Auntie Bea's Bakery. She did an amazing job!! 

Each prescription is perfect for each criminal.

My backdrop for the dessert table is BEYOND perfection! This was painted for me by a local artist named Gabriel Gutierrez from Corona California. He's extremely talented!

This standee that I purchased from Shindigz was PERFECT for my favor table!! So scary too!

I cut vinyls to make Joker like facial features on white favor boxes.

 The photo opt area is one of my favorites! I built a padded wall, because after all, this IS an insane asylum. I got my hands dirty to get this looking a little grimy and painted in red for that bloody effect.

 My girls look for the party is frighteningly fitting for them! Hahaha! No. Seriously.

 I made them them, myself and Nate Inmate shirts. Cool right! 

 These masked, hat, mallet and straight jacket were super fun photo props for my padded wall.

 The cute inmate of honor!

We really are very normal. I promise!! 

 I was only able to find a plain number 7 piƱata, so I vandalized it with "Ha ha ha's".

 He's insane but oh so cute!


Custom Cookies: Auntie Bea's Bakery
Cake: Silvia's Cake Creations
Arkham Asylum Painting: Gabriel Gutierrez
White favor boxes: Paper Mart
Joker Cards, plastic syringes, Biohazard bags, Joker bank cake topper,
Harley Quinn mallet, Bang toy gun: Amazon
Joker child mask: Spook Shop
Riddler and Two Face Mask: Ebay



LAURA'S little PARTY said...

Wow! This turned out so great! All your details were as fabulous as ever!